Buy new iPhone-14 for 54 thousand! The company itself advertised

Apple iPhone 14: The craze for the iPhone 14 is worldwide. Its 128 GB RAM model is priced at Rs 79900. Now the company has given an advertisement telling how you can buy it for just Rs 53900. There are some small conditions to buy at such a low price. If you fulfill that then new iPhone can be yours for about 54 thousand rupees. This is HDFC credit card, through which you will get a cashback of 5 thousand rupees on payment.
– The second benefit you get on exchanging your old phone. If you give an old smartphone, then you will get a maximum benefit of Rs 18000 through it.
– Third benefit you will get in the form of exchange bonus. Under this condition you will save 3 thousand rupees.

How much total savings?

if If you fulfill all the conditions of the company, then you will save about 26 thousand rupees and in this way you will get a new iPhone for only 54 thousand rupees. 
– If you want to buy iPhone 14 instead of your old phone. If you are, then you can take advantage of this special offer of India iStore.

Where are you getting iPhone online

– If you are looking for iPhone 14 online. If you want to buy then you can buy from Croma, Vijay Sales, company’s own Apple website, Flipkart etc.
– Flipkart is also giving you a discount of about 22 thousand rupees including cashback and exchange.
– Amazon is getting up to 16 thousand exchange and an instant discount of 5 thousand rupees on HDFC credit cards 

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