Buy Apple Smart Watch thoughtfully, your senses will be blown away after hearing its repairing price!

Apple Watch Ultra Repairing Cost : Apple has launched its new iPhone 14 series a few days back, with which many new Apple Watches have also been launched. There are three smartwatches listed in the new Apple Watches, the New Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra. Apple’s Watch Ultra quality wise is the best smartwatch, which is also the most expensive. The price of this smart watch in India is Rs.89000.

This smartwatch has become available for order in India, the shipping of which will start from 23 September 2022. There is also a problem with this watch, if this watch breaks for some reason then you will not be able to fix it easily. Rather, you may have to fix it, in fact, to repair this watch, you will have to do up to Rs 43000. Let’s know the whole news in detail..

Watch Ultra Repair Cost

The repair cost of Watch Ultra has been disclosed by Apple only in China so far. Let us tell you that for repairing Apple Watch in China, CNY 3,749 is being charged which is approximately equal to Rs 43,113 in Indian currency. Obviously you must be surprised to know the repairing cost of this smartwatch which is quite expensive. With this, let us tell you that people who have AppleCare + Subscription have to pay only CNY 588 to repair the watch, which is about Rs 6,762 in Indian currency.

Cost of AppleCare+ Subscription in India

As we have already told you that Apple has not yet announced the repairing cost of Smart Watch in India. The cost which has been mentioned so far is only for China, not for any other country like India. With this, let us tell you that the cost of AppleCare + Subscriotion in India is Rs 10,900.

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