Big change in Google Play Store policy, now you will be able to do this work in a pinch… But the developers came

New Play Store Policy: Google has told about a major change in its Play Store policy. The company has introduced a new data detection policy, which will allow users to have more clarity and control over their in-app data. In a way, the new policy will also work in a positive way for the developers. When the privacy and security of the developers’ app can be easily understood, then it will be easier for the users to trust the app. Google is working with new policies to make Google Play Store apps more secure and help users understand how apps are using their data.

Why Google brought new policy?

Under the new policy, Google has also assigned a task to the app developers. Google has asked developers to give users the option to delete their accounts and data, both in the developers app and online. Now the question is why is Google doing this? Actually, Google wants to make it easier for users to remove their data. This will improve the user experience. Then users will be able to control their data. In the end, overall users’ trust in Google Play and its apps will increase. Users will start feeling more secure on Google Play. 

Google also said, "The feature is also asking developers to offer more options: users who don’t want to completely delete their account can choose to delete only other data, including activity, history, images or videos, etc. Will be included" In the blog post, the company also said that if any data is deleted, the developers will have to show it to the users.

When will the policy go into effect?

Significantly, Google is not yet implementing this new policy of Play Store. After all, Google will give time to the developers to make necessary changes, and for this Google is also giving time. The tech giant said in its blog post that developers have time till December 7, 2023. They have to answer questions related to data deletion in the security form of their app by December 7, 2023. However, users of Google Play will start seeing changes in their applications in early 2024. On the other hand, developers who need more time can request for a time extension. This will give them time till May 31, 2024.

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