Avoid WhatsApp Delta : Beware! Somewhere you are not doing this mistake, WhatsApp account can be blocked due to WhatsApp Delta

Avoid WhatsApp Delta: When it comes to instant messaging app, the name of WhatsApp comes first. This app is one of the most installed apps in the world. This company owned by Meta keeps on giving new features to the users continuously. But even after this, users also start using duplicate apps that look like it in the desire of something more and different. One such app is WhatsApp Delta. Due to some unique features given in it, a large number of people are using this app. If you are also doing this then you need to be careful. Due to this duplicate app, your original WhatsApp account can be banned. Let’s know what is WhatsApp Delta and how it can lead to your account getting banned.

What is WhatsApp Delta

WhatsApp warns

Because such apps are duplicates of the original app. In such a situation, they are not available on the Google Play Store. These are downloaded by online APK. In view of its continuous use, now WhatsApp has issued a warning to its users. The company says that if its users are found using this app, then it will ban their account.

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