Are hackers reading your mail? Know here the details of Gmail, Microsoft Edge extension leak

Chromium Based Microsoft Edge Extension:  According to cyber security firm Volexity, North Korean hackers are tracking all your online activities. Hackers are using Milicious Google Chrome and Chromium based Microsoft Edge Extension to perform activities like spying on your accounts and stealing data. The hackers have named this data theft group ‘Sharptang’. The work is believed to be of North Korean origin and is often referred to as Kimsuki. 

Sharp Tongue’s target is mostly people who are working on topics related to North Korea for organizations in the United States, Europe and South Korea. For example, working for an organization on nuclear, weapons technology or any activity related to the security of North Korea. Let us tell you, in the last one year, Volexity has responded to many such incidents, which involved sharptang. In most cases, the Milius Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge extension was found, called SharpX.


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