AR3038 Sunspot: This sunspot shown on the sun, if there is an explosion, it can have an effect on the earth, know full details

Scientists have found AR3038 Sunspot : The Sun is the most important part of our Galaxy. Because of this, there is life on the earth, there is light. Now that the sun is so important, scientists keep a close eye on the events happening in the sun. Scientists have seen a ‘giant sunspot’ on the sun. Scientists are keeping a close eye on this sunspot. Its size has doubled in the last 24 hours. According to scientists, this unstable patch present on the solar surface is present directly towards the Earth. In such a situation, if it explodes, then a solar flare will flare up in the path of Earth‍V from the Sun.

What is a sunspot?

A sunspot is a dark area present in the Sun. Suns‍pots can last from a few hours to a few months. Not all suns‍pot solar flares are produced, but when it does, it gets attached to the earth and affects the earth as well.

What is a solar flare?

When the Sun’s magnetic energy is released, solar flares are formed from the light and particle‍s emitted by it. According to reports, these flares are the most powerful explosions ever in our Solar System. These solar flares release energy comparable to billions of hydrogen bombs. 

The Sun’s Report

According to The Sun’s report, this The solar flare is not expected to hit the Earth‍V yet. This is good news, but if the sun’s pot continues to rise, it can behave in an unstable manner. Regarding the Sun’s pot named AR3038, scientists have said that its size has doubled in a very short time. This is an M-class solar flare. 

What does M-class mean?

The storms emanating from the Sun are classified according to their intensity. Accordingly, what‍is qualified. This allows scientists to determine how dangerous a solar storm is. Understand from the points given below.

  • The weakest solar storms in this classification are A-class, B-class and C-class.
  • M-class Hurricanes are the most dangerous and powerful and there is a possibility of them hitting our Earth‍V.

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