YouTube is a major source of misinformation worldwide, claims fact-checking organizations

More than 80 fact-checking organizations have written a letter to YouTube alleging misinformation on its platform. In a letter to CEO Susan Wojcicki, these organizations say the Google-owned video platform is “one of the world’s leading sources of online disinformation and misinformation.” Organizations say YouTube’s efforts to address the problem are proving insufficient. The letter states that YouTube is allowing its platform to be manipulated, exploited by unscrupulous people. Fact-checking organizations say the problem is particularly prevalent in non-English speaking countries.

According to a news agency report, all the fact checkers are members of the International Fact Checking Network. These include Rapler from the Philippines, Africa Czech, Science Feedback from France and dozens of other groups. All of them have slammed YouTube saying it discusses deleting or not deleting content.

Fact Checkers wrote that displaying fact-checking information is more effective than removing content. These fact checkers have also urged YouTube to take action against repeat violators and intensify efforts against misinformation in languages ​​other than English.

In her statement, YouTube spokesperson Elena Hernandez said that the company has invested heavily in all the countries where people create content. He has described fact checking as an important tool. Also said that this is a small piece of a bigger puzzle.

In the context of India, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting ordered the blocking of 20 YouTube channels and two websites for promoting anti-India propaganda and spreading fake news last month. Two orders were issued by the ministry. In one of these, YouTube was instructed to block 20 channels and in others to block websites. Content was posted on these YouTube channels on issues like farmers’ protests, Citizenship (Amendment) Act. Along with this, they were also trying to incite minorities against the central government.

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