Google’s Digital Wellbeing Widget Will Tell How Much Time Spent On Screen!

Google has updated the homescreen widgets of some apps like YouTube Music and Google Photos. Now under the latest update, its digital wellbeing app is getting a new widget. The ‘Your Screen Time’ widget is said to show the time spent on the app. It is currently in beta phase and tracks the digital habits of users on the Android platform. It also allows users to set limits on how much time they want to spend on which app.

First off the new Digital Wellbeing Widget 9to5Google Spotted through APK teardown. It has shared screenshots of the new Screen Time widget. Under this, the amount of time users spend in their phone will be visible on the home screen of their phone. Visit will also tell which app users use the most during the day. According to the report, Digital Wellbeing version 1.0.416751293.beta shows the new widget. It is being tested right now. It is not known how long it will be live. Digital Wellbeing’s Screen Time widget is said to be available for all Android phones.

Google started adding new widgets to some of its apps in December. These include Google Photos, Google Play Books and YouTube Music. Google Photos’ new People and Pets widget allows users to place favorite photos on their phone’s home screen. At the same time, YouTube Music has updated the widget for smartphones running Android 12. It has play and pause controls as well as a like button. YouTube Music users can get the widget in three different sizes depending on their home screen layout.

According to some more news related to Google itself, the name of the company’s alleged foldable phone could be Pixel Notepad, whose information has been revealed in a report. This alleged foldable smartphone can get a foldable design like Oppo Find N and it has been claimed that this phone will be cheaper than Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. Apart from this, it has also been learned about this foldable smartphone that Google Tensor processor will be given in it, which Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro smartphones were also equipped with.

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