Apple paid $ 60 billion to developers last year

Apple, the American company that makes the iPhone, has paid about $ 60 billion (about Rs 4,43,300 crore) to the developers last year. The company has given this information in the data of the App Store. This amount is more than the previous years. Apple had decided to reduce the commission charged from small developers, which has increased the amount received by the developers.

The company has said that its customers have spent the most on the App Store from Christmas to New Year so far. However, the total spend on the App Store by the customers has not been given. the company Told Since the launch of the App Store in 2008, developers have earned about $ 260 billion (about Rs 19,21,486 crore) from it. Apple updates the list of the most downloaded apps and games on the App Store. The company in its App Store commission policy in November 2020 Change Started charging 15 percent commission from developers earning less than $1 million (about Rs 7.4 crore) annually from tax apps. The company had also told that if a developer’s business exceeds this amount, then 30 percent commission will be charged from him for the remaining period of the year.

Apple has also said that it had 745 million subscriptions from users on its platforms, which are linked to both Apple and the developers. The company said that from Christmas to New Year, the spending by customers on the App Store has increased in double digits.

The company’s data shows a significant increase in the payments received by the developers. However, it cannot be said how many developers have benefited from this. Developers have been protesting against fake apps on the App Store. Apart from this, he is also displeased with the strict policy of the company. Apple had a major legal dispute with Epic Games last year. Apple banned Epic Games for in-app purchases. Apple, which is among the top companies in the world in terms of market valuation, has faced legal challenges in some countries before.

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