Apple’s employees voted to form a union, now they will be able to talk directly with the company on salary, working hours and other matters

Apple employees union: It is about an American store of Apple, where the employees voted to form the union. The result of this voting was positive. Now this is happening for the first time in Apple’s history when union of employees is going to be formed. After the formation of this union, employees will be able to talk directly to the company for salary, working hours and other matters related to them.

What’s the whole matter?

After winning, AppleCORE expressed its happiness by tweeting. they wrote, "We won our union vote! Thanks to everyone who worked so hard and sported! Now we celebrate. Tomorrow also we will be together like this.”

According to Janaki, after this voting, Apple refused to say anything on it.

created history

Going back in history, this is the third Apple Store to run a union drive this year, but the first to be successful in voting for the union. History has been made in this regard. Other Apple stores in Atlanta and New York have also moved to unionize. However, employees in Atlanta have pushed the voting process forward, accusing the company of working against the union.

Law for Union Formation

1. The company can recognize the union on its own.
3. Signatures of 30% of the employees have to be submitted and then the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) will get the elections conducted for the union.

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