Apple Watch saved a person’s life in this way, this feature of the watch surprised people

Apple Watch Ultra: Whenever Apple launches a new product, it is trolled a lot about the price, but when people come to know about the specialty and importance of the product, people also praise it. Huh. Apple Watch is the world’s No.1 smartwatch brand.

Apple Watch saved a person’s life

This story is of 54-year-old David, a resident of Norwich. David was gifted Apple Watch by his wife on the occasion of his birthday in April this year. The watch gifted by his wife has given new life to David. According to the report, David’s heartbeat had stopped 138 times in 48 hours and the heart rate had dropped significantly.

Apple Watch told David that his heart rate is only 30bpm, while it should remain between 60-100bpm. David at first thought that there was something wrong with the smartwatch itself, but the watch kept giving the same report every day. Following constant alerts from the Watch, David met a cardiologist at Norwich University Hospital, where David had an MRI and ECG.

This report came out in the investigation

A day after the investigation, David reached the hospital, he was told that he was going through third degree heart blockage and he could have a heart attack at any time. After this David underwent bypass surgery and a pacemaker was installed. For your information, let us tell you that 12 people die of heart attack every day in the UK and the average age of these people is 35 years. 

This is what David said after the surgery

After the surgery, David said, "My wife says she saved my life and she is not wrong. If he hadn’t given me an Apple Watch on my birthday, I probably wouldn’t be alive today. This Apple Watch is always with me, except for the charging time."

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