Apple iPhone: Have you seen Apple’s most expensive phone, priced at Rs 28 lakh

Apple iPhone: Millions of Apple iPhones are crazy around the world. Perhaps this is the reason why Apple’s iPhone costs the most in smartphones. But today we will tell you about such an old Apple iPhone, which costs more than any SUV vehicle. Yes, although it is a bit difficult to believe this, but it is true. Where on the one hand, the price of the latest high variant of iPhone in the world is not more than Rs 2 lakh. At the same time, the price of this phone is 28 lakh rupees. Actually this is a 15 year old model of iPhone.

This 8 GB storage variant of iPhone sold for $ 35,414
Actually this 8 GB storage variant of iPhone sold for $ 35,414 in auction in America. According to the report of ZDNet, in an auction in the US, the first generation 2007 Apple iPhone model has been sold for Rs 28 lakh, which is locked in a sealed box, that is, the box of this iPhone has never been opened. Many more products were also auctioned in this auction, in which the circuit board of Apple-1 was sold for $ 6,77,196 i.e. Rs 5.41 crore. 

What are the features of this iPhone?

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