Apple iPhone 14 Pro: These new features can be in Apple iPhone 14 Pro, video of the phone leaked

Apple iPhone 14: Apple iPhone 14  There are only two days left in the launch of (Apple iPhone 14). The launch of this series is to be held two days later i.e. on 7th September, it is being speculated that the new iPhone can have features like satellite connectivity as well as more storage and always on display, but just before the launch a live video went viral. -The video is being told of iPhone 14, this video has been found on the Chinese social media platform Weibo. Many details of the phone are visible in the video like – the entire phone is visible with a single notch design, as well as the iPhone 14 Pro can also have an option that allows users to switch between both hole-punch and unified pill-cutout. will do. This means that the user will have only one system to turn off the pixels on the display between the two cutouts.

It is heard that  The company has used the space between the two cutouts for the new privacy indicators in Apple 14 Pro. When an app actively uses the smartphone’s microphone or camera, it can retain this feature showing a green light at the top so that the company will be able to reduce the corner space of the display. In addition, the camera app interface helps provide a more convenient way for users to access options around the new cut out.

Apple iPhone 14 Price:

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