Apple Event 7 September 2022: You will be surprised to know these 10 hacks and tricks of Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone Hacks: Apple iPhone comes with features that are not often seen in Android phones. Especially when it comes to security features, other phones do not even stick around in front of the Apple iPhone. Apple is full of great features. But there are also iPhone users, who do not have any knowledge about these features or, to say, hacks of iPhone. Today we are going to tell such users about 10 such iPhone hacks that we can use in our daily life to make our work a little easier.

Tag people from your contact list in a group message 
If you want to draw attention to something specific in a group chat, put the @ symbol after their name tag in. Use punctuation to make someone’s name bold.  

Change your default web browser and email app
If you’re running the latest iOS, you can replace Safari with Google Chrome, Firefox, or another web browser as the default browser . You can also change your default email. 

Add captions to photos and videos
To caption a photo or video you took, simply swipe up on the photo or video. After this the option ‘Add Caption’ will appear. Type your caption or keyword here. 

Reply to a single message
Reply to a specific message in a group message by tapping that message. Select ‘Reply’ in the options menu. After this type your message and send it. 

hide unused apps
want to remove unused apps from your home screen without removing them completely, all you have to do is press and hold the app, from the pop-up menu Tap ‘Remove App’ and select ‘Move to App Library’. 

Add Widgets to Home Screen
You can now add your favorite app widgets to your Home screen by dragging and dropping them onto your Home screen.

Fast Launch Apps 
You can find your favorite apps using the app library or the default search tool. For this you on the keyboard "Go" You can quickly open your favorite app by tapping on it.

Search the web without a browser
No need to open Safari or any other web browser to search for something online. Instead, swipe to the left to open your search window, type in the search term and see the results directly on the page. 

Quick Charge Phone
To charge the phone faster, turn on Airplane Mode while charging. By doing this the background noise of your phone will be paused. This will charge your phone faster and your phone’s battery will last longer.

Quick Launch Website 
Take a shortcut when browsing the web by typing the address into Safari and then holding down the period icon on your phone’s keyboard to bring up a list of URL endings . The iPhone keyboard also has a hidden mouse. 

Get More Storage Space
If you want to get the most out of your iPhone’s storage space, clear your phone’s RAM, which will reduce the space your apps take up . 

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