Amazon Prime Membership Price: Amazon Prime membership plan is up to 50% expensive, renew the plan before December 13

Amazon Prime Membership Price: If you are a member of Amazon Prime, then there is bad news for you. Now you have to pay extra charge for Prime membership. The company is going to increase by about 50 percent on its plan. The new subscription plan will be applicable from 14 December 2021. The company had indicated in October to increase the charge for Prime membership. However, the date was not announced then. But now the date has come about it. Let us now know how much charge you will have to pay for which plan.

how much change will come in which plan

Under the new subscription plan of the company, now you will have to pay Rs 1499 for the annual plan of Prime membership. Right now its price is Rs 999. 500 has been increased in this plan. Till now the 3-month subscription plan which used to come for Rs 329, will now cost Rs 459. At the same time, the 1-month plan will increase from Rs 129 to Rs 179.

This is how you can save money

auto renewals will not be affected

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