Alan is still the richest man in the world after buying Twitter? Musk’s name is this unique Guinness World Record

World Richest Man : Elon Musk has once again become the richest man in the world. Actually, a Bloomberg report has come out, which states that Elon Musk has achieved the title of being the richest person in the world, and this has happened because of the increase in Tesla’s share price. In December 2022, Musk was removed from the title of the world’s richest man, as Tesla’s shares saw a decline. At that time, Bernard Arnault, the CEO of Louis Vuitton, had become the richest man in the world in Elon Musk’s wake, but now Musk has regained the title. 

How much is Allen’s net worth?

Elon Musk has again become the richest person in the world. Musk’s net worth is now $187 billion.  The net worth at the beginning of the year was $137 billion.  Elon Musk is seen as the richest person in the world from September 2021. Before him, Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, held the throne.

Musk created a unique Guinness World Record

Another anecdote related to Amiri and Alan, let us tell you that at the beginning of the year, reports came out that Musk has been included in the Guinness World Records for breaking the world record of losing the most money in history. A press release from the organization confirmed this and said that "Elon Musk has officially broken the world record for the largest loss of personal property in history." Earlier this record was held by Masayoshi Son, who suffered a loss of USD 56 billion.  Let us tell you that most of Musk’s personal wealth is related to Tesla shares.

Musk takes over Twitter

Musk bought Twitter in October 2022 for US $ 44 billion. After the billionaire took up his new role, the company underwent a lot of changes and since then Twitter has been in the news constantly. Under Musk’s reign, many Twitter employees have either resigned, or been fired. Allen had promised after November 2022 that there would be no further layoffs in the company. However, the pruning still starts anytime now. Earlier  Twitter had about 7,500 employees. There are now about 2,300 left.

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