Airtel Black Launch: ‘These’ trends in technology make life easier

Airtel Black Launch: Corona prevalence is declining and people are now living a new normal life. Technology has proved to be the most useful tool in the difficult times of Corona. During the Corona period, the way students study, the way parents work changed. Not only that, people were virtually connected with family and friends. Excellent hardware and good connectivity make this route easier for users. Many new trends have come in one year. This made it easier for people to live a new normal life. & Nbsp;

Hybrid Working Solution The office desk was replaced by a table-chair in the house. With the help of facilities like video conferencing, the office team was not only working together but also developing new ideas and strategies. Since good work is done from home, many companies offer many good facilities to their users. This included Airtel’s new offer ‘Airtel Black’. & nbsp; & nbsp;

DTH, Postpaid and Fiber Connections were offered on the same bill. This greatly benefited the companies. This reduced the payment burden of many bills. Under this offer the company provided a management team for its users. Problems were solved through this team. & Nbsp;

Trouble-free digitization
Lockdown restrictions forced users to use different options than usual to purchase household items and medicines. As a result, demand for e-commerce platforms, supermarkets, delivery apps has increased tremendously. As people’s habits grew, local grocery stores also began to use options such as e-stores. Digital payments, net banking, and UPIs have become more convenient to use. & Nbsp;

The important role of video calls and telephones Video calls and telephone calls have helped reduce the burden on hospitals. Online consultation and drug delivery played an important role. This method proved to be safe for both the patient and the doctor. So the audience turned to the OTT platform. OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar provided many facilities to the audience. Online gaming was opted out of field games. The average time of online gaming in India has increased from 2.5 per hour to 4.1 per hour. Good smartphones, good speed internet have made great strides in the field of online gaming.

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