Airtel 5G Service: How long will it take for Airtel’s 5G service to start in India? Learn

Airtel 5G Service In India: Bharti Airtel is going to start 5G service in India this month. Also, Airtel has claimed to introduce 5G service across the country by March 2024. Announcing the announcement, Gopal Vittal, CEO of Airtel said, "We are looking to launch 5G in August and are planning to roll it out across the country very soon thereafter." Gopal Vittal said that the price of telecom service in the country is very low and there is a need to increase it. It looks like Airtel’s service can be expensive. Apart from this, Minister of State for Telecom Devusinh Chauhan has also talked about starting 5G service in a month.

Airtel partners with companies 

5G will start in August itself

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