AI is powerful but risky…Paytm CEO shared this video, language is changing as soon as you swipe.

AI is powerful but risky…Paytm CEO shared this video, language is changing as soon as you swipe.

Paytm CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma has shared a video on Twitter in which 2 creators are changing their language in real time with the help of AI. In the video, the creator first speaks English after which he changes his language in real time by swiping. Posting this video, Paytm CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma wrote on Twitter that AI is a powerful tool but this kind of content can be risky for social media. Actually, HeyGen AI tool has been used in this video with the help of which the creators have changed the language. This tool not only changes the language but it also syncs your lips according to the audio.

The disadvantage of this type of tool is that anyone can misuse it. It is difficult for common users to recognize the videos created with the help of HeyGen AI tool and they can easily get entangled in some wrong things. To translate any video into another language, you just have to upload that video to HeyGen AI and you can easily translate it into many languages.

This is incredibly powerful technology and next type of risky content on social media.

— Vijay Shekhar Sharma (@vijayshekhar) October 20, 2023

HeyGen AI has difficulty with this

One problem with this tool is that if the user uses his hands while recording the video, If someone repeatedly brings his hair in front of his face or has a beard, then this tool is not able to properly sync the video to another language and you can tell by looking at it that there is something wrong with the video. On the other hand, if we look at the positive side of this tool, with the help of this tool, creators can reach their content to the audience all over the world which will strengthen their profile.  

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