A better gadget than an iPad to gift on Rakshabandhan, which the sister will not be able to get !

Echo Show 10 On Amazon: Echo Show 10 is one of the best gadgets found on Amazon. This Alexa-powered gadget has so many useful features that you will be surprised to know about it. This gadget is so useful that it can be operated by children, elders only with voice. If you want to give a premium gadget to your sister or brother on Rakshabandhan, then nothing is better than this.

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All new Echo Show 10- 10.1" HD smart display with motion, premium sound and Alexa (Black) 

The smartest gadget is this Echo Show. This 10-inch Echo Show has the features of a phone, tablet, speaker and TV and iPad. It has Alexa built in so that these Echo Shows can be operated with voice commands only. Actually this is a very smart speaker from which you can watch TV. Can set up like a camera. Facetime or video call. Can just listen to music or use it as a tablet

Echo Show price

The price of smart video speaker is Rs 24,999. Along with this, there is also the option of No Cost EMI in which you can make payment on installment every month without paying interest. Many more variants will also be available in the Echo Show, whose screen size is smaller and the price is also different.

Echo Show Features

  • It has a motion screen that rotates according to the user’s face and does not need to rotate its screen on its side like a phone or tablet.
  • It has 10W speakers for excellent audio Which gives very clear and good sound. With just one voice, you can listen to your favorite music on it
  • If you want to make video calls, then you can do that too with this Echo Show. It has a 13MP camera with which you can make video calls< /li>
  • Can also use this camera as a security camera for home.On this you can watch home video and talk like a CCTV camera 
  • Privacy For this, it has a cover in the camera as well as the function of off in the built in mic so that you can turn off the camera and audio whenever you want.
  • Only with the voice command of Alexa, it can be used for smart lights, smart plugs or other smart phones. Gadgets can run. In this you can set the time to listen to the reminder, alarm and or news according to you.

Amazon Deal On All new Echo Show 10- 10.1" HD smart display with motion, premium sound and Alexa (Black)

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