5G Profit: 5G will start soon, a new revolution will come in the country

5G In India: A lot is expected to change with the 5G service starting by the end of this month. In this, facilities like smart ambulance, good data speed, video without interruption will be available. Also, customers can get new experiences during cloud gaming and shopping. One lakh communication devices will be supported in one square kilometer. High quality long videos or movies can be downloaded in a few seconds.

5G enabled across the country in the next 12-18 months

Customers will get the service of 5G at present only in 10-15 cities, but in the next 12-18 months it will be made operational across the country. Through this, customers will also be able to know how the new furniture will look in their homes. At the same time, 5G can be made available to the people of manufacturing and health sector in the early stages. 5G service can also bring a change in the way education is delivered. Even in remote areas, education can be imparted by connecting the teachers to the classrooms through powered holograms. 

Human mistakes will come down

help prevent accident

Help can also be taken to prevent road accidents using 5G, for this data sharing is a good option. The use of drone delivery will benefit a lot after the arrival of 5G. However, there is a possibility that 5G service may be 20 percent more expensive than 4G. It should also be noted here that mobile data prices in India are much lower than in the world.

The answer to every question related to 5G, how much 5G data can be found

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