5G In India: 5G service is already running in these countries, know what will change when 5G arrives in India?

5G Service : India is also no less than anyone in the race of technology. The trial of 5G has been completed in the country. Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnav himself successfully tested 5G calls at IIT Madras. This included both video calling and voice calling. Let us tell you, the device on which 5G has been tested, in fact, it has also been designed in India itself. Amidst all these preparations, a new and speedy phase of mobile network is going to start in India. In such a situation, it is also important to know where India’s neighbors and other countries reach in the race for 5G? What is the status of 5G in the countries ahead or behind India. In which countries has this service already started and what will change with the arrival of 5G?

These countries already have 5G

Many There are countries where 5G has started, while in many countries it has been partially enabled. If we talk about European countries, then France and Germany have full coverage of 5G. These countries started work on this service long ago and are taking advantage of using it today. Apart from European countries, 5G service is operational in South Korea, America, South America, China, Australia, Spain, Italy, Canada and some African countries. Even if it is not fully operational, then in large part its network is working. Even in Russia 5G service is started. It is a different matter that 5G service has been started in the capital Moscow only, but work is going on at a fast pace in other cities as well. 

Where did the neighboring countries of India reach


According to Ookla, India is one of the largest countries in the world that does not yet have a 5G network. But if India’s neighbors are to be considered, then Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Nepal have not even jumped in the race for 5G service. On the other hand, Sri Lanka is running 5G service in spite of financial constraints and all the challenges.

These changes will happen after the arrival of 5G

In the country After the arrival of 5G service, customers will get the facility of better calls and connectivity. Internet users will be able to download movies and other things in a pinch. TV programs, multimedia etc. will be able to watch in high quality. 5G can revolutionize agriculture, education, health, transport, traffic management etc. Also, the dream of a driverless car can also be realized with 5G technology. 5G technology is also showing a ray of hope for healthcare, virtual reality, cloud gaming. 

devices like Alexa will be used extensively

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