33% people in the country keep their e-mail and smartphone data insecurely, read the full report

About 33 per cent people in the country store their sensitive data such as computer password, bank account, credit and debit card details as well as other personal data such as Aadhaar card or PAN card details in an insecure manner in email or their contact numbers. This has been revealed in a survey conducted by LocalCircle. In this survey, 24,000 people from 393 districts of India were questioned, out of which 39 percent people said that they had written all these details on a paper, while 21 percent claimed to remember them.

share passwords
According to this survey, about 29 percent of Indians share their ATM or debit card PIN details with their close family members, while about four percent share their domestic Or share these details with office colleagues. 

29 percent of people share passwords with others
The company found in its survey that about 29 percent of people gave access to the details of their passwords to one or more close family members. At the same time, about four per cent have disclosed this to one or more employees as their password and two per cent have disclosed it to one or more of their friends about their password. The highest 65 per cent people said that no one other than them has access to their ATM or debit card details.

Results will be presented to the Government
The company said that the results of this survey will be presented to the Government and the Reserve Bank of India, so that these results can be used to effectively collect personal and financial information. To create necessary programs to make the public aware at large on how to secure.

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