3 problems of smartphone become headache, these tips will fix them and save the cost of new phone

3 problems of smartphone become headache, these tips will fix them and save the cost of new phone

Smartphone Tips:  Until some time ago, people used to have small phones with keypads in their hands. But, since the smartphone revolution has happened, everyone has a smartphone in their hands. When smartphones were launched, they had up to 64GB of storage. Then this storage increased from 128 to 256 and now phones with 1TB storage are also available in the market.

With the increase in the storage of smartphones, the problems faced by them have also increased. If even a minor problem occurs in the smartphone, it costs thousands of rupees to get it repaired. At times, one has to buy a new smartphone. That is why here we have brought for you information about 3 small problems of smartphones, which appear big to you. But, their solution is quite easy.

Smartphone being slow

This problem is common with smartphones. After some time all smartphones become slow. To fix this, you just have to delete unnecessary apps and download files from your smartphone. Along with this, the memory of the smartphone will also have to be cleared. By doing this, your smartphone will start running faster than before.

Smartphone Overheating

If you remain glued to the phone the whole day, the phone will definitely get hot. Just as we need rest, similarly smartphones and gadgets also need to be given some rest. To reduce this problem, you will have to put the phone on power-saver mode. Also reduce the brightness of the screen. Do not use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth unnecessarily. Do not use the phone while the battery is charging.

Smartphone battery draining

If your smartphone’s battery drains quickly, you will have to reduce the brightness of your phone’s screen. Also, do not keep services like location service, Bluetooth, mobile data, GPS on without any use. Switch it off if it is not working. This will prevent the battery from draining quickly. 

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