Life will go away if you don’t stop wearing Smartwatch! Tie the knot from today itself

Life will go away if you don’t stop wearing Smartwatch!  Tie the knot from today itself
New Delhi. Many companies make smartwatches and the craze for smartwatches has also increased among people. Smartwatch takes full care of your health. It measures many things from your blood pressure to heart rate. Although smartwatches seem beneficial to everyone, but there is one thing that makes it dangerous. Smartwatch emits electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation and it can prove to be dangerous for your health. This can spoil your health.

According to a research, smartwatch can prove to be very dangerous for health. If you use smartwatch more then it can prove to be dangerous for health. Explain that electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation emanates from the smartwatch. This radiation has a bad effect on health. If you have a habit that you use smartwatch 24×7 then you should leave this habit.

Here’s the biggest problem:
It is also said that many companies have spoiled the quality of devices in the process of making cheap smartwatches and the problem or risk of radiation has increased even more.

These are the problems caused by radiation:
If you keep wearing the smartwatch all the time, then it can give you a headache. Radiation causes headache.
Not only this, it also disturbs the sleep routine of the people. Because when notifications come on your phone, your smartwatch also starts ringing or vibrating. This disturbs sleep.
If you do not get enough sleep then you may have mood swings. By repeatedly looking at the smartwatch, you cannot focus and you start getting irritated. This is called body dysmorphia.

Note: Now it is not even that if you are wearing a smartwatch for a while then you will have a problem. But if you wear a smartwatch for 24 hours and sleep wearing it, then you may be at risk from this radiation.

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