If you do not pay attention to these 5 things then your Instagram account will be hacked

If you do not pay attention to these 5 things then your Instagram account will be hacked
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Instagram Hacking Scam: Instagram is one such app where people spend hours. Be it watching reels or making reels, nowadays people spend more time here than on Facebook. This app is as fun as it is dangerous. Nowadays such a scam is going on in which hackers hack your Instagram account. This is a phishing scam in which the scammer gets access to your Instagram account without your knowledge. You don’t even know when your details reach the scammers.

What scammers do by hacking Instagram account:

Hackers send you such links on which people click. In these you are lured. As soon as you click on it, you are redirected to the Instagram login page. Here you are asked to login again. As soon as you do this your ID password goes to the hacker.

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How to avoid Instagram fraud:

  • If you get any such message in which you are lured, then ignore it. Because such messages steal your Instagram credentials.
  • Enable two-factor authentication on your account. This will keep your account safe. With this, even if a hacker hacks your password, he will still need another authentication to login. In such a situation, two-factor authentication is very important.
  • If a stranger sends you a message and tries to get your details, do not give your personal details to him. First know who he is.
  • Many times hackers use the name of big brands to extract your details. In such a situation, first check whether what they are telling themselves is correct or not.
  • Always keep an antivirus program on your phone. This stops the entry of malware in the phone and you do not become a part of the scam.

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