Gmail is full of unread messages? delete it once like this

Gmail is full of unread messages?  delete it once like this
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We all use Gmail. Every day we get many mails. Some of these we read and many remain unread. Most of the unread mails remain the same which are of no use. Most of these contain spam, promotional messages. We never even open them and they keep lying in the inbox. In this case, you should delete unread mails. If you think this work is very difficult then it is not. You can easily do this by applying a filter. All you have to do is a few clicks and the job is done. Let’s know this simple process.

Delete unread messages on Gmail:

  • If you want to delete unread messages from Gmail, then read its method below:
  • Go to Gmail by going to the browser.
  • Then go to the search bar above the inbox. Write here label:unread and enter.
  • After this, all the unread messages will appear on the screen in front of you.
  • After this you have to click on the small box given on the top left side. After this, the option of Select all conversations that match this search will appear at the top, click on it.
  • After that click on the delete icon. For this you have to click on delete all your unread messages.

This method is very easy. Useless messages remain lying in the inbox. They also occupy space and sometimes contain malware-free mails. In such a situation, it is right to delete them.

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