Surat’s Shrushti Sanghvi became the first woman CA in the family, ranked third in the country, brightened the name of Gujarat.

Surat: CA final exam result has been declared on Friday. In which 23-year-old Shrushti Sanghvi from Surat has brightened the name of her family and Gujarat by getting the third rank (All India Rank 3) in the country. With this achievement, Srishti became the first woman from her family to become a CA. Srishti’s family has a total of four CAs and now her name has also joined the list. Srishti’s grandfather is Ashwin Sanghvi, father Keyur Sanghvi, father’s elder brother Amish Sanghvi and Srishti’s fiance is Harsh Sukhdia CA. The Sanghvi family has been running the CA firm for the past 57 years.

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Since grandfather and father were C, the dream was cherished from childhood

Inspired by family, Srishti started preparing for CA course from an early age. “Since my father and grandfather were CAs, I too decided to follow in their footsteps and become a CA. I drew inspiration from this profession. I will be forever grateful to God for having such a loving family to support me,” Srishti told our associate newspaper Times of India. told

Srishti stayed away from social media for seven months

Srishti has secured 611 marks out of 800. Srishti used to study ten hours a day and stopped using social media seven months before the exam. Speaking about the preparation, Srishti said, “My All India rank was 10th in the CA intermediate exam so I started preparing for the final exam. It was only because of my teacher Ravi Chhawcharia’s guidance, full concentration and regularity that I was able to score good marks.”

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Benefits of writing practice

“Srishti completed the course eight months before the exam. Besides, she also practiced writing a lot and that also resulted in good marks,” said Ravi Chhawcharia.

138 students passed in both groups

A total of 1,582 students from Surat appeared for the CA final exam. Out of them 585 students appeared in both group-1 and group-2 examination and out of them 138 students have passed in both groups.