‘I have a nine crore bungalow’, molested a college girl


  • After trapping the girl in love, the clever young man reached to meet her parents
  • He threw his big gum in front of the girl’s family and said that there is a 9 crore bungalow in Vesu.
  • After calling the mobile franchise and Zinga Lake in Dumas, the girl was taken away on the pretext of wandering.
  • Whenever he was taken for a walk, he would force himself on the girl and do bad deeds under the pretext of marriage.

Surat: The girl fell in love with a college girl from Limbaita area of ​​the city after making friends with her via Instagram and identifying herself as belonging to a rich family. A complaint of misconduct has been lodged with the police against the youth who left the house after taking her to his house and hotel under the pretext of going for a walk and having sexual intercourse.
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The 21-year-old college girl from Limbaiyat area met Krunal Ravikant Bari (Res. 207, Suyog Nagar, Bhatar) on Instagram a year ago and the two became friends and later proposed love. But the young woman refused and asked to meet her parents. So when Krunal entered the girl’s new house, he reached there. Where Krunal said Bhatia Mobile’s franchise, bungalow worth Rs 8-9 crore and shrimp pond at Lakshmi Farm in Dumas. The two used to meet each other frequently as her parents wanted her to marry Krunal.
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Stayed in hotel for two days and had sex

Krunal, meanwhile, took the girl to his home and the Anant Hotel and the Royal Celebration Hotel in the Vesu area under the pretext of traveling, and stayed for two days, where he had sex with her. However, when Krunal took the girl to his house, her parents told her not to get married and asked her to come to his house.
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Every effort was made to explain

Krunal was going to take the girl away and when he refused to have sex with her, he threatened to inform her parents and committed the crime. However, when the girl finally informed her parents, they tried to persuade Krunal. But after Krunal scolded her and refused to marry her, the girl finally lodged a complaint at the police station. Limbayat PSI Masani arrested Krunal on a charge of misdemeanor and remanded him for 1 day. Krunal’s father Ravikant retired as a Jamadar in the city police department and died of corona last year. Krunal’s uncle is also a policeman.


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