A young man from Dindoli, who harassed his sister, was lynched by a cheeky man who was out of jail

A young man from Dindoli, who harassed his sister, was lynched by a cheeky man who was out of jail
Surat: A murderous prank was played out late on Friday night at Navagam-Dindoli. The headstrong man who came out of jail had killed the youth of Dindoli in public for harassing his sister (Dindoli murder). After the murder of the youth, there was a commotion in the entire area. The accused youth killed the youth by inflicting 8 wounds with a sharp weapon. The local police reached the spot after being informed about the incident. After which the police registered the crime of murder and took further action (Surat news) and nabbed the killer. The police have conducted further investigation in this matter.

There was an altercation before the murder
According to the details received, Ujjwal Rajesh Upadhyay, a resident of Dindoli, was killed in public near Laxmannagar Society at Navagam Dindoli. On the night of the murder, Ujjwal called Bhushan Patil two or three times, but he did not receive the call. After the late night talk, Ujjwal went to Bhushan Patil’s house in Laxmannagar along with his friend. Where Bhushan Patil was sitting with his friends on the porch outside the house.
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A murderous game played in Dindoli
Meanwhile, Bhushan and his friends quarreled with Ujjwal. Later Ujjwal was hit on the head by Bhushan and his friends with a steel pipe. Bhushan and his accomplices inflicted eight wounds on Ujjwal with a sharp weapon. After which Ujjwal fell down in a bloody condition. Later he died. As soon as the incident was reported, a convoy of Dindoli police rushed to the spot and conducted an investigation.
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The police nabbed the killers
According to the police, Ujjwal was a habitual criminal. Several crimes have also been registered against him. Before Ujjwal, he lived in Bhushan Patil’s house. Bhushan Patil’s sister’s husband was murdered two years ago. Since then, Ujjwal was staring at Bhushan’s sister. Even when Bhushan Patil was in jail, Ujjwal misbehaved with Bhushan’s sister. So after coming out of jail, a fight started between Bhushan and Ujjwal. Bhushan Patil killed Ujjwal along with his accomplices. Police have detained Bhushan, Rahul, Sudhir, Gajju in this matter. While the other accused Sunil is currently away from the police. Police have taken further action in this matter.