15-year-old Masoom dies due to serious negligence in Surat Metro project, iron pillar falls


  • Serious negligence in the operation of the metro project at Kadarshani Naal in Surat
  • 15-year-old Masoom dies after falling from an iron pillar while playing with friends
  • Hearing the news of their son’s death, the parents lost consciousness

Work is in full swing on the metro project in Surat. But in the meantime, a serious accident has taken place during the operation of the metro project at Kadarshani Naal. 15-year-old Masoom, who was playing with friends, died on the spot after an iron pillar fell on him. The parents were stunned to hear of their son’s death. Locals were outraged at the gross negligence of the metro project. When Akhtar’s relatives threatened to stop the work of the metro project.

Went to play on metro project with friends, iron pillar fell to death

Akhtar Afsar Sheikh, 15, who lives in Kadarshani Naal area of ​​Surat, was the youngest of 3 brothers and sisters. Her father works as a laborer in a sofa shop. Akhtar went to play with his friends this evening while the Metro Rail was running. But as soon as the iron pillar Akhtar fell there, his mouth was bitten. He died on the spot.
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Metro project workers flee the scene after the accident

As soon as the incident was reported, a crowd of locals besides Akhtar’s parents and family members gathered. And Akhtar was immediately rushed to the hospital via 108. But doctors pronounced him dead. The whole incident has sparked outrage among the locals. The artisans working on the station for the Metro project, on the other hand, fled after the tragedy.

The parents fainted when they heard the news of their son’s death

Locals alleged that there was no safety in the operation of the metro station. Akhtar’s family, on the other hand, is also shocked by the whole incident. Hearing the news of Akhtar’s death, his parents fainted. While Akhtar’s uncle has threatened not to allow the operation of the metro station from now on.


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