You have two months time … Icord deadline for the co-operative sector!

District Co-operative Society Selection Committee welcomes applications for the post of 236 Sales Representatives in Co-operative Society Stores in Villupuram District.

Eight people, including Divya and Tamilmani, have filed suit in the Chennai High Court over the non-disclosure of the results of the 2020 interview for the job.

During the trial, the government was informed that the examination had been canceled. The High Court accepted this and dismissed the case as invalid.

The appeal, filed by eight people against the order, came up for hearing in a session comprising Justices Vaithiyanathan and Mala. Petitioners were informed that the results had not been released as the selection process had been completed.

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However, due to the increase in the number of vacancies, the already announced announcement was canceled.

After hearing arguments from both sides, the judges pointed out that it was a mistake to cancel the examination in order to expel the candidates once the examination procedures were fully completed, and that some may have exceeded the age limit for not being able to participate in the new examination activities.

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The judges ruled that there was no impediment to publishing a separate notice of selection if the number of vacancies was high, and closed the case by ordering that the results of the 2020 examination be published within two months.