You do not have those rights … iCourt show on convicted prisoners!

His mother Sarojini had filed a petition in the Chennai High Court seeking the early release of her son Hariharan, who was sentenced to life imprisonment in the 2001 murder of former AIADMK MLA MK Balan.

In the petition, the Tamil Nadu government ordered the release of 1,650 convicts on the eve of the centenary celebrations of former chief minister MGR’s birthday. He had said that the government had refused to release his son on the basis of that order.

The petition was filed by Judges P.N. Prakash, A.A. Nakkeeran came to the hearing before the session. Chief Criminal Attorney Asan Mohammad Jinnah, appearing for the Tamil Nadu government at the time, argued that the petitioner’s son could not be released on bail because he had been sentenced to life imprisonment in two murder cases and because Hariharan had not complied with the rules of conduct in prison.

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Following this, the judges dismissed the pre-release petition. The judges also ruled that convicts had no legal or fundamental right to seek early release, and said there was no impediment to considering early release of prisoners in other cases.