Will the AIADMK general body meeting take place or not? -Suspense Adding Court!

Dindigul Suriyamoorthy is suing to ban the AIADMK general body from convening. Party co-ordinator Panneer Selvam and co-coordinator Edappadi Palanisamy have also filed a petition in the Chennai Licensing Court seeking dismissal of the case.

In this context, the petition filed by Suryamoorthy seeking anticipatory hearing of the case seeking stay of the general body meeting scheduled for June 23 came up for hearing again today before Judge Priya.

Coordinator O. Panneerselvam then asked for time till tomorrow to file a reply on the Suryamoorthy petition.

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On behalf of the AIADMK executives, M.G.R. It was reported that the petitioner had contested against Edappadi Palanisamy on behalf of the People’s Party and had filed a case for media publicity.

The petition, filed with the same request, was adjourned till tomorrow as the matter is to be taken up for hearing in the High Court tomorrow. It was also alleged that a copy of the petition was not yet available to some of the executives who were the respondents.

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Following this, the judge adjourned the hearing till tomorrow, ordering all the respondents to provide a copy of the petition.

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