‘Why this language mania for the central government!’ – கனிமொழி ஆவேசம்!

DMK Lok Sabha member Kanimozhi has strongly condemned the order to make Hindi compulsory at the Puducherry Jigmar Hospital.

There is also a medical college at Jimper Hospital in Pondicherry. It is under the direct control of the Federal Department of Health. The full name of this JIPMER is Jawaharlal Nehru Postgraduate Medical Education and Research Center.

Recently, the Director of Zimmer Hospital and Medical College issued a new circular regarding the conversion of Hindi into the official language. In it, Hindi and English have so far been used in the records and files of the Central Government offices. It is said that in the future, only Hindi will be used in them. This issue has caused controversy.
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In this context, DMK Lok Sabha member Kanimozhi has strongly condemned Zimmer’s order.

In that, why is this language hysterical for the United States? Will the Hindi unemployment problem that the Union government is trying to impose be solved? Will inequality change? Does it fix any social problem? He said deepening the cracks was not good.