Why not greet Diwali? – EPS Question

The Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly today held a debate on the grant request for the Treasury Department during the budget session.

Then AIADMK member Natham Viswanathan said, ‘Religious festivals are being held in Tamil Nadu. Congratulating all the festivals, Chief Minister Stalin should explain why he did not greet only Deepavali.

To which the Chief Minister replied that it was a secular state and that is why they named their alliance as a secular alliance.

Opposition leader Edappadi Palanisamy continued, ‘The chief minister is common to all religions. Why is it that the Chief Minister, who wishes all the festivals, does not only greet Deepavali? He asked.

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“Some people are deliberately portraying the DMK as being against spirituality. The AIADMK member is trying to register it in the assembly as well. This is the rule of Father Periyar, the rule created by the scholar Anna, the rule that came through Karunanidhi. In sum, this is the Dravidian model of rule; We will not submit to anyone, ”Stalin explained.

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The question of why Chief Minister Stalin, who greets the people of the state during festivals including Christmas and Ramadan, did not greet Deepavali, an important Hindu festival, has been widely raised among the public. In this context, the issue is echoed in the legislature today.