Who are those 2 MLAs? – DMK bombed .. Kamalalayam in tension!

Senthil Kumar, a Member of Parliament for the BJP, has said that two BJP-MLAs will join the DMK, raising the question of who the two are.

Surya, the son of Trichy Siva, a member of the DMK state assembly and one of the senior leaders, left the party claiming that he did not get the recognition he deserved and that his father Trichy Siva was blocking his progress. Following this, he joined the party in the presence of Tamil Nadu BJP leader K. Annamalai. Surya, the son of one of the DMK’s senior leaders, Trichy Siva, has joined the BJP and party executives are celebrating.

Today, DMK’s Dharmapuri Lok Sabha member Senthil Kumar said in a post on the social networking site Twitter:
A message to the Tamil Nadu BJP celebrating the joining of someone who has no position in the DMK to your party. Two legislators from your party are in touch. We will mourn both if our chief consents.
Thus he said.

DMK MP Senthil Kumar has said that there are two BJP-MLAs online in the DMK, which is currently causing a stir in Tamil Nadu political circles. As for Tamil Nadu, the BJP has only four MLAs. Coimbatore South MLA Vanathi Srinivasan, Nagercoil MLA Gandhi, Tirunelveli MLA Nainar Nagendran and Modakkurichi MLA Saraswathi. Netizens have been raising the question of who those two are on social media.
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Vanathi Srinivasan, the BJP’s national women’s leader, is definitely not likely to go to the DMK. Similarly, MR Gandhi, an ardent BJP volunteer. He is an RSS activist. Has also been in the organization. He also did not have the opportunity to go to Anna Aruvalayam. Nainar Nagendran, who is the chairman of the BJP Legislative Committee, has come to the BJP from an alternative party, but he too has no access to the DMK as he is given too much prominence. Modakkurichi MLA Saraswati is less likely.

Under such circumstances, it is puzzling on what basis two BJP MLAs have internet in the DMK, said party MP Senthil Kumar. Netizens have been commenting that he may have said this to disturb the peace of mind of the BJP.

Meanwhile, BJP MLA Vanathi Srinivasan has retaliated against DMK MP Senthil Kumar for lifting him if possible.