When is the 1000 rupee allowance? – Stunning update released!

Minister Ponmudi had recently announced that Rs.

Higher education sources said that three lakh students will benefit from the scheme, which will be implemented to promote girls’ higher education, especially one lakh students studying in arts and science courses.

In this context, the question of when this project, which has aroused curiosity among college students, will be implemented has arisen widely.

How did the Annamalai crowd gather in Thiruvarur? He’s in the background!
Sources in the higher education department said that the scheme will come into effect on July 15, Kamaraj’s birthday, and the Rs 1,000 scholarship will be paid directly into the students’ bank accounts.

It is noteworthy that the Tamil Nadu BJP leader Annamalai had demanded that the government provide a stipend of 1000 rupees for students like college students.