WhatsApp information should not be talked about in the church at all … MKS Advice for EPS!

The debate on the Department of Fire and Rescue Services grant request took place in the Legislature today. Opposition leader Edappadi Palanisamy raised various questions about law and order in Tamil Nadu. The heated debate between then-Chief Stalin and the EPS:

Edappadi Palanichamy: Collective sex crimes are on the rise in Tamil Nadu. Action must be taken to prevent it.

Chief Minister MK Stalin: The Pollachi sex incident took place under your rule.

Edappadi Palanichamy: The Pollachi incident is all over. Pollachi Jayaraman has been made to win by the people. Cannabis is widely used in schools and colleges in Tamil Nadu.

Chief Minister: Action has been taken in the cannabis case and the culprits have been arrested. We have confiscated more cannabis than your regime. Police say the CBI probe into the minister is nearing completion.

Custody death … Caracara debate in MKS, EPS board!
Edappadi Palanichamy: You are saying that drugs came under our rule. The Drug Prevention Act has been in place ever since.
I’m just saying what’s happening.

Chief Minister: Tell me as much as you want; We ask; But tell with proof. Do not mention watch information here.

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Thus the Karachara debate took place directly between the Chief Minister and the Leader of the Opposition.