Viral Video: The harvest is ripe .. Rare fish caught in fishermen’s nets .. Video goes viral ..

Usually when fishermen go fishing, if hundreds of fish are caught in the net, it is no longer a festival for them. Sometimes some rare fish in the net .. Strange animals get caught. In other cases, the fish are caught at a high price. If the fish of such a rare species fall into the trap, their happiness will not be limited anymore. Not one, not two. This fish is also known as the Golden Fish. Hearing the price of this fish is mind boggling. What is so special about them? Let us know ..

The fish was bought by a trader at auction for millions. Since these were small fish, they were bought for Rs 4 lakh each at a price of Rs 50,000. The price of this fish is in the millions as it has good medicinal properties. The stomach is used in the manufacture of medicines. Fishermen expressed delight at the fall.

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