Viral: It’s like that .. If you watch this video, your heart will be pounding .. Oh, oh, oh!

Wanda ?, second? Kakinada police destroyed 20,000 liquor bottles in one go. Liquor worth lakhs of rupees was trampled with JCB and mixed in the ground. Kakinada police have destroyed a large quantity of liquor. About 20,000 bottles of liquor were smashed in the dock. The illicit liquor seized in the raids was brought to a dumping yard at the edge of town and destroyed. Police officers themselves fled the illicit liquor, after which, all the liquor bottles were put together and smashed with JCB. Police said all the liquor bottles destroyed here were seized within the confines of Kakinada South and North police stations. Police say the destroyed bottles contained non-certified alcohol, which could endanger people’s lives if consumed.

A total of 11 hundred and 35 boxes of liquor were destroyed. This includes 17,946 bottles of non-duty-filled liqueur bottles, police said. Non-Duty Fed Liquor is life threatening. Hence, the police advise people to stay away from such non-certified alcohol.

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