Vijayasai Reddy gave a new name to TDP

Vice-Chancellor MP Vijayasai Reddy, who is constantly criticizing and satirising the TDP party on social media, has recently given a new name to the TDP party. TDP means ‘Telugu Dunnapothula Party’ in a new sense. Vijayasai Reddy made harsh remarks that an eunuch was appointed as the president of the party. An earlier tweet had also made similar criticisms. TDP widows, such as those desecrating and exploding marijuana marijuana, were told to tie themselves to an iron frame on the premises of a cattle hospital and give it to cattle for treatment.

Saireddy said that if the people return to our party, they will become good leaders .. But if the people in the TDP bark, they will become leaders. Critics say that it is bad for their lives. Those who were bitten by a mad dog will be sent to the hospital immediately. In the same TDP, those who were bitten by a mad dog named Chandrababu will be sent as spokespersons. It remains to be seen how TDP leaders will counter Vijaya Sai’s tweets.

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