Union Minister Kishan Reddy: We are here .. No worries .. Union Minister Kishan Reddy assures devotees trapped in Varanasi

Protests erupted across the country against the central government’s Agnipath Scheme for recruitment in the three forces. It is learned that Army candidates have been protesting for days last week. The agitation turned violent in some areas as protesters targeted railway stations and railway property. The railway department, on the other hand, was on high alert in the wake of the tense situation. Trains were canceled in several states across the country and diverted to a few other places. This is a serious problem for travelers traveling to distant places. Recently, 800 pilgrims from Telugu states were stranded in Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. Among them are residents of Krishna, Guntur, Kurnool and Ongole districts. The Dhanpur-Secunderabad train from Varanasi has been canceled. Pilgrims fell into a state of disorientation not knowing how to get to their own places.

However, Union Tourism Minister G. Kishan Reddy responded immediately after learning of the plight of the pilgrims. Kishan Reddy posted on his Twitter handle that none of the pilgrims should be worried. He said he had already spoken to the Varanasi District Collector. He said all the facilities required for them have been set up. Anyone from the Telugu states is advised to meet the local authorities immediately if they get stuck there. He assured that there was no need to worry. Food and medical arrangements as well as travel facilities to reach their own places are also mentioned. He posted the details on his Twitter account.

As many as 70 pilgrims from the district were stranded in Varanasi as anti-agnipath protests erupted in Kashi, Uttar Pradesh.

They appealed to the state government to protect themselves. According to travelers, they are touring pilgrimage sites in northern India. They are due back on Saturday. However, train services were canceled due to the protests and they were stranded there.

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