TS Rains Effect: Rain effect in Telangana, holidays for all educational institutions for three days

TS Rains Effect: Heavy rains are falling all over Telangana state. In this background, the state government has announced holidays for all educational institutions across the state for three days on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Officials announced holidays for three days on the orders of CM KCR.  A high-level review meeting was held at Pragati Bhavan under the chairmanship of CM KCR on the situation of rains in the state, measures taken and measures to be taken. Many ministers, MLAs, CS and other high officials participated in this program.

In view of the heavy rains in the state, CM Shri KCR announced that Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be holidays for three days for all educational institutions.

— Telangana CMO (@TelanganaCMO) July 10, 2022

Heavy rains in Telangana 

 It is raining extensively in Telangana. Due to heavy rains since last three days, streams and bends are overflowing. The Meteorological Department has issued a warning of heavy to very heavy rains for the next three days. In this background, the state government has announced holidays for educational institutions. It has been raining in Hyderabad for three days. Hyderabad‌ Officials said that 8 cm rainfall has been recorded across the city. In the wake of the forecast of the Meteorological Department, Man Soon Teams and Disaster Response Teams have been alerted under GHMC. CS Somesh Kumar held a video conference with the District Collectors on Sunday in the background of heavy rains that have been falling for days. The CS said that the authorities should be alert and work in coordination as there is a possibility of rain for the next two days. Special safety measures should be taken especially at low-lying areas, culverts and ponds. CS Somesh Kumar said that a special control room has been set up in the secretariat. Similarly, special control rooms have been ordered to be set up in each district collectorate. 

More vigilance in those districts 

It is raining in all the districts of the state, especially Asifabad and Nirmal. , Nizamabad, Peddapalli, Sirisilla, Bhupal Palli and Mulugu districts have recorded the highest rainfall and the collectors of these districts should be more alert. It has been suggested that all the ponds and ponds are already full and sandbags should be carefully arranged at them. CS Somesh Kumar ordered to take steps to evacuate the people of the low-lying areas to safe places if necessary. If the roads are damaged anywhere, they should be repaired immediately.