Tomato Virus … Latest Update by the High Commissioner!

Health Secretary Radhakrishnan today inspected the ongoing construction work of a medical college and hospital at Tirupur Tarapuram Road.

He later met reporters after handing over free tablets to first-year students at Tirupur Medical College. Then he said:

Although corona infection is currently under control in Tamil Nadu, the public should be in complete control. Mandatory wearing of face shield in public places. Those who have not been vaccinated should pay.

There is no truth in the claim that the impact of the tomato virus outbreak in Kerala was felt in Tamil Nadu. , Has no effect in the state of Kerala at present. Thus causing no harm; The people of Tamil Nadu need not fear this.

Companies that went to court … no longer have trouble getting this item in the ration!
Realizing the seriousness of the problem caused by Savarma food in the state of Kerala, an action survey has been carried out in shops across Tamil Nadu.

There is no truth in the news that Savarma is banned in Tamil Nadu. No such ban has been imposed. , But traders are advised to make sure it is processed and well cooked and sold within two hours.

Tiruppur District Medical College … Free tablet for students!
The qualifying examination date for the postgraduate medical course announced by the Government after six years will be announced soon.

340 crore Tirupur District Medical College and Hospital construction work is underway. Radhakrishnan said the target was to complete the work by August.