TN RTE Admission 2022 – 23: Server problem .. Awake parents – Will the Tamil Nadu government find a solution?

Parents have requested the Government of Tamil Nadu to rectify the irregularities in the application website under the Right to Education Act.

Under the Right to Education Act, also known as RTI, the education of children of the poorest sections of the population below the poverty line is provided in private schools. Children who apply under this scheme will be given free education up to eighth standard.

For the coming 2022 – 2023 academic year, the right to apply under the Right to Education Act began on the 20th of last April. It has been announced that parents can apply on this website till the 18th. To apply under this scheme, you need to upload the documents including the child’s name, child’s birth certificate, income certificate or caste certificate, location certificate. Also, it can only be applied to schools within a radius of about one kilometer.

In this case, parents have been complaining that under the Right to Education Act, children could not be enrolled in Class 1 and that the website was tampered with. That is, after filling in all the details, in the “Select Schools” section, the parents complain that the name of the school is not known.
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In this regard, parents from the Kottivakkam area of ​​Chennai told the “Samayam Tamil” website:
We belong to the middle class. We have 2 children. We would like to enroll at least one child in this private school. We have applied for it on the RTE website. However, the schools did not name the place of choice. Just for the plan. Thus, the application could not be completed. In this regard, if you call the help centers provided by the Government of Tamil Nadu, they do not pick up the phone.

With only 10 days left to complete the application, it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The Tamil Nadu School Education Department should take a solution for this. In addition, the Government of Tamil Nadu should bring the facility of going to the concerned school and applying under the RTE Act.
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What is Digital India, despite the technological advancement, in cases like this, who is responsible if the server crashes? We could not apply from all the documents. The government must find a solution to this.
Thus he expressed his anguish.