This is the department for Udayanidhi – Chief Minister Stalin who said OK!

New information has emerged that Udayanidhi Stalin, the son of Chief Minister MK Stalin, may be assigned the portfolio of news or local government.

Udayanithi Stalin, DMK Youth Secretary and son of Chief Minister MK Stalin, contested and won the Tiruvallikeni-Chepakkam Assembly constituency in Chennai in the 2021 Assembly elections held in Tamil Nadu. Udayanithi Stalin won the first election he contested and entered the legislature with the status of a ruling party.

Udayanithi Stalin was expected to be a minister when the DMK came to power. But that did not happen. Following this, Udayanithi Stalin was given prominence in the ceremonies held on behalf of the Government of Tamil Nadu. That is, Udayanithi Stalin attended the ceremonies attended by the ministers as a special guest.

Following this, his close friend and Minister of School Education, Anbil Mahesh, was the first to voice his displeasure that Udayanidhi should be Stalin’s minister. Continuing, all ministers have been vocal about the need for Udayanidhi Stalin to become a minister.
Udayanidhi is the Minister – Special portfolio to be given by the Chief Minister!
In this situation, Udayanidhi Stalin is said to have decided to follow in his father’s footsteps. That is to say, Chief Minister MK Stalin took over the responsibilities of the DMK Youth Leader, then the Executive Chairman and Chairman of the party. He also held the posts of Mayor of Chennai, Member of the Legislative Assembly, Minister of Home Affairs, Deputy Chief Minister and Chief Minister. Udayanidhi Stalin is said to have followed a similar style.

Thus, it seems that the decision was made to assign the Department of Home Affairs to Udayanidhi Stalin. It is said that the local government sector is currently divided into two departments and work is underway to coordinate it. In the meantime, it looks like the Youth Welfare and Sports Department, or the News Department, may be donating to Udayanidhi.

It is said that the list has gone to Chief Minister MK Stalin and he will decide on it after lengthy consultations with senior DMK ministers and executives. An official announcement is expected after the end of the session of the Tamil Nadu Budget Legislature.