This class is now compulsory for students of classes 6-10… School Education Department is taking action!

After the summer vacation across Tamil Nadu, schools opened on the 13th of last month (June 13) and classes for the academic year 2022-23 are underway.

In this situation, the school education department has informed that some changes have been made in the time table for the students of class 6 to 10.

Accordingly, Tamil and English subjects were conducted 7 times per week for the students of class 6-10 till now, but it has been reduced to six. To compensate for this, the class time for Social Science has been increased by one per week.

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In particular, from the coming academic year, the Department of School Education has announced that Justice Education classes have been introduced for students from classes 6-10. It seems that one class a week will be devoted to the teaching of justice.

This announcement of the school education department is considered very important for this generation of students who have lost the opportunity to listen to stories of justice from their grandparents at home in today’s modern life environment where joint families have decreased and single families have increased.

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