There are many reasons for the power pack … but this is another level reason!

Frequent power outages in a village in Purnia district of Bihar. Since it is summer, the villagers have been inquiring about the power outage in the neighboring villages. It has been revealed that there are no frequent power outages.

Following this, the complaint lodged by the villagers regarding the power outage at the Electricity Board office was explained that the power supply was often cut off except for power outages due to maintenance work.

Then how come there are frequent power outages only in their village? The villagers decided to find out the reason for this. Within hours of their decision, the power outage occurred again.

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At that time, an electrician met his girlfriend in private at a school there. The villagers, who had both of them handcuffed, asked what they were doing here in the dark.

The electrician said coolly that he used to meet his girlfriend from time to time and that whenever he felt the need to meet his girlfriend, he would cut off the electricity all over the village and meet him alone.

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Hearing this explanation of the youth the stern villagers took him in procession and gave him dharma blows. However, the evangelist did not complain and married the woman he loved.