The sun will shine for two days … Stay alert people!

Due to the atmospheric downward circulation and heat wave prevailing over the Tamil Nadu region.

01.05.2022, 02.05.2022: Thundershowers will develop at several places in the southern coastal districts of Tamil Nadu and in the interior districts of Tamil Nadu.

From 03.05.2022 to 05.05.2022: A few places in Tamil Nadu, Puthuvai and Karaikal will receive light to moderate rains.

Maximum temperature:
In Tamil Nadu, the maximum temperature is likely to be 2-3 degrees Celsius in one or two places for the next two days.

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For Chennai: The sky will be partly cloudy for the next 48 hours. The maximum temperature is 38 degrees Celsius and the minimum temperature is around 28 degrees Celsius.

Rainfall recorded in last 24 hours (in centimeters):

South Fort (Krishnagiri) 3, Cuddalore Bazaar (Nilgiris) 2, Devala (Nilgiris) 1, Tali (Krishnagiri) 1.

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Fishermen Warning: On 05.05.2022, the cyclone is likely to reach 40 to 50 kmph and intermittent 60 kmph in the south-eastern Bay of Bengal and South Andaman Sea. According to the Chennai Meteorological Department, fishermen are advised not to visit these areas on the day.